Medium Platform FAQs

This guide will help writers find the answers to their Medium-related questions, in an efficient manner. Simply select the topic that best encompasses your question.

1. About Medium

This section is useful for basic questions about Medium.

Examples: Who founded Medium? What is Medium? What are some key stats that explain why I should use Medium over a self-hosted blog?

2. Medium Article Format

This section is useful for new writers trying to learn how to format their articles, as well as experienced users who are looking for subtle tips and tricks to help their article stand out among the crowded field of articles.

Examples: How do I edit the meta description of my Medium story? How can I add custom symbols to my article? How can I create a bulleted list?

3. Medium Partner Program Earnings

This section contains all information to the Medium Partner Program and earning money as a writer on Medium.

Examples: How much money can you make writing for Medium? How does Medium compare to a self hosted blogging site, that I create myself? How often do top earning writers publish?

4. Medium Publications

This section is useful for users who want to create (and perfect) their own Medium Publication.

Examples: How do I create a Medium publication? How do I submit my article to a Medium publication? What are the advantages of creating your own publication?

5. Medium Curation

This section contains content aimed at demystifying the curation process.

Examples: What is Medium curation and it essential to my success on Medium? What topics are eligible for Medium curation? Are there things I should avoid in my article in order to improve my odds of curation?

6. Medium Writing Tips

This section contains answers to questions relating to Medium writing tips.

Examples: What are some of your top tips for a new Medium writer? How can I improve my Medium article formatting? How can I boost my earnings on existing articles?

7. Medium Statistics & Data Analytics

This section contains answers to questions relating to Medium’s internal statistics and data analytics tools that writers have access to.

Examples: How does Medium calculate read time? What are fans? Do claps affect my earnings?

8. Medium FAQs

This section contains a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about Medium.

Examples: How can I add a kicker to my title and subtitle? How much does Medium pay its writers? How do I get published in a publication (other than my own)?

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