Canva Filter Codes

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Written by Casey Botticello

April 20, 2021

Using filters properly is an amazing way to improve your  graphics and ensure consistent branding. It’s like having a pro-design trick up your sleeve.

We uses filters on a lot of the images we post to Canva’s social media to ensure they look amazing and are consistent.

Canva filters are a great way to customize any image or graphic design.

Below are several Canva filter codes. These filter codes are all applied to this sample image, to help you preview the filter codes.

Canva Filter Codes

brand: 648f00646424af32

brand: 6e79c8c85a506432

brand: 64a3008764002f32

brand: 7354326464006432

brand: 6494002064006432

brand: 5f86004264343c32

brand: 64a3008e64006432

brand: 64a3008764002f32

brand: 7f79641c73648a32

brand: 5d7905645d006432

brand: 76738e6464006432


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