How To Optimize Blog Content For Voice Search

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Voice search is on the rise in the United States and around the world. The convenience of speaking to your smart device and getting answers immediately is useful for an increasing number of consumers.

And with the widespread adoption of dedicated voice controlled devices, like Google Home and Amazon Echo, voice search will only continue to rise. 

If you want to capture a portion of voice search traffic, you need to optimize your content for voice search. 

And while typed and voiced searches produce similar results, optimizing for each is different. Here we’ll discuss the importance of voice search and some important ways you can begin optimizing for it.

Why Bother Optimizing for Voice Search

How to Properly Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

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Voice search is on the rise, with the popularity of smart home devices growing. While it remains important to optimize your site for traditional text-based queries, you also want to optimize for voice search.

Optimizing for voice queries means using long-tail keywords, making sure local information is provided, making your site mobile-friendly, using a conversational tone, understanding different idioms and speech patterns, and more.

Once you get started, optimizing for voice search is easier than you think. The results will speak for themselves.