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Powers 40% of all websites on the internet.

Offers multiple ways to monetize content.

Bloggers own and control 100% of their content.

WordPress Blogging Platform

Gives bloggers a wide range of publishing tools.

Charges flat monthly fee regardless of revenue.

You own and control 100% of your content

Ghost Blogging Platform

Provides an extremely low barrier of entry for bloggers.

Has a built in monetization system which is ideal for new writers.

High Domain Authority (DA) helps articles rank in Google search results.

Medium Blogging Platform

Offers bloggers a hybrid newsletter-blogging platform.

Handles the logistical issues associated with running your own newsletter.

Publishing is free and Substack only takes a cut of paid subscriber revenue (and enabling monetization is optional).

Substack Blogging Platform

Clear payment structure for bloggers.

Built in monetization program.

Offers both a free and premium version of its platform.

Vocal.Media Blogging Platform

A free blogging platform.

Built in monetization system for bloggers.

Has a fairly established audience.

HubPages Blogging Platform

Allows bloggers to monetize "time-sensitive" content such as news, local events, and issues.

Writers receive a flat payment for each article + revenue share based on article performance.

Willing to negotiate different payment terms with different bloggers.

NewsBreak Blogging Platform

Massive audience.

Broad site reach as a social media platform.

History of being very friendly to its content creators.

Tumblr Blogging Platform

Huge fanbase and audience of potential readers.

Offers writers who want to publish longer form fiction a unique way to monetize their content.

One of the only blogging platforms geared toward fiction.

Wattpad Blogging Platform

One of the oldest blockchain-based blogging platforms.

Unique payment methods.

You own and control 100% of your content through the platform's decentralized structure.

Steemit Blogging Platform

One of the most privacy oriented blogging platforms.

Gives bloggers a distraction and clutter free interface.

Medium-like publishing tools. Blogging Platform

Powers 40% of all websites on the internet

Offers multiple ways to monetize content

You own and control 100% of your content

Blogger Blogging Platform

Offers writers the chance to reach one of the largest online audiences.

Allows bloggers to choose which of their content is gated for paid subscribers and which is free for all of their readers.

Twitter is an established platform that is increasingly linked to a creator's personal brand.

Twitter Blogging Platform