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Your content goals. Are you trying to make money? Build an audience? Experiment with writing? Market a product or service?

Your financial goals. If your primary goal behind blogging is making money, how much money are you trying to make? Are you just looking to make an extra $100 per month, supplement your income, or become a full-time blogger?

Your available time. Are you willing to commit 10-20 hours per week on a consistent basis to writing or are you looking to write the occasional post with little pressure to do so regularly?

While passive income might not be the answer to all of your immediate financial problems, it is a pathway to success and most certainly the foundation for wealth and financial independence.

When you’re not stressed out focusing on just making enough money to pay the bills and you’re no longer living from paycheck-to-paycheck, there’s a mental clarity and an emotional catharsis that sets in.

You become free to spend your time doing things you actually care about. You can spend more time with your family, focus on improving your health, have the freedom to escape a job you hate, or pursue a creative passion that you otherwise would relegate to the few hours of your free time on the weekend.

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